“We design homes that will not fall out of fashion. We create homes to live in.”

The office:

Founded in Tenerife in 1996, Sebastián Estrella Architecture Studio created along the years an international team driven both by functionality and creativity, able to produce design solution according to each particular space and each individual user.

At this moment the team expanded to two different countries: Argentina and Spain, and is proudly offering extensive services such as personalized design, feasibility studies, certification, environmental and site analysis and much more. With a vast expertise in designing environments, we go beyond creating simple spaces!

Our expert team:



Being local to Tenerife, Sebastián loves to provide clear architectural solutions and create attractive and fully-functional modern spaces that fit in well with the local landscapes. He understands how to blend vibrant and uplifting architecture with lifestyle to create a truly unique residency for discerning clients who want extraordinary touches to their homes.

His design approach takes into account the unique space and the remarkably unusual nature of the island. He blends homes that elude a relaxing leisure “holiday-type” feeling while keeping the design, sleek, modern and functional.

Always focused on attention to details and high quality, Sebastián’s due diligence is second to none – he ensures all projects are erected according to the design intent and all construction documentation is adhered to.



“In the workplace, rigor, organization and teamwork are essential in a warm environment. Above all, respect and balance without ever enjoying and dreaming.”

Born in Tenerife, descendant of Canarian parents and passionate about her origins, she has worked for Sebastian since 2004. He has a Diploma in Tourism with a degree in Technician in Business and Tourism Activities from the University of Tourism of Santa Cruz and has a long experience in management and administration assistance in general.

Language skills: English, Spanish.



“More tan the four walls, a roof and a floor, the value is in the space they generate, I like keeping it simple, clean and peacefully welcoming.”

Born and raised in the canary islands, this half finish, half chilean architect studied in the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and started working in her early years as student making small jobs for Sebastián.

Language skills: English, Spanish, Swidish.

Born in: 1991



“Responsibility, honesty and respect: fundamental tools to achieve a good teamwork.”

Venezuelan – Portuguese. Architect graduated from the University Jose Antonio Páez VE (UJAP) Resident in the Canary Islands, in Tenerife, since 2018. Faithful believer of “Less is more.”

Language skills: English, Spanish.

Born in: 1994